Winding down

Or winding up. It depends on how you look at it. Lent is nearly done; Lazarus Saturday is tomorrow.

This week I finished the third shirtwaist dress (no photos yet), finished the neck and button bands of the cardigan and started the sleeves, made two batches of prosphora today, mailed some censers (the top photo was taken while waiting at a train crossing on the way to the post office), went to the gym twice, and did the usual million things. Wednesday evening and night we had torrential rains (at least three inches) and thunderstorms, and Presanctified was canceled as a result.

Tomorrow morning we have Liturgy. Father celebrates the 16th anniversary of his ordination and we remember baby Innocent (+3/31/11). There is a baptism in the afternoon and then Vespers and the blessing of palms. Sunday is Palm Sunday and so begins Holy Week. My calendar is full of scribbles and there are bits of lists everywhere. With God’s help it will all get done. And may He keep illness away until after Pascha! (Last year was difficult.)

Good strength to you who are on the Julian calendar, and blessed Easter to those on the Gregorian!

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