Yarn Along: cardigan and Women’s Work

I feel a bit bad about co-opting the regular post yesterday for a Yarn Along post (especially since it linked to the shop), so here’s a more original one.

I’ve been working (slowly, in between other projects) on a plain, basic cardigan for myself. I like the color although I can’t get it to show properly on my phone. Imagine a pale, robin’s egg blue and you have it.

I’m using I Love This Yarn (Hobby Lobby house brand acrylic – colorway glacier) because it’s soft, isn’t delicate, is washable, and was inexpensive (and on sale) I’m surprised by how far a skein goes. What you see is the body lacking only about 2 inches in length and it only has take about a skein and a half so far. It’s not the highest quality but I don’t like using expensive yarn to do a project for the first time. The pattern is from Patternfish: neckdown cardigan for women. If someone wants the link I’ll hunt it up.

I am about to start this book I received in the mail yesterday as a gift from a friend. It’s Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years – Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times. Since it’s apparently International Women’s Day (the sort of thing I pay very little attention to) it’s quite timely. Thank you, L.!

Head over to Ginny’s Yarn Along for March to see what everyone else is making and reading!

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: cardigan and Women’s Work

  1. That book blew my mind–it totally changed my paradigm about a lot of things regarding the nature of domestic life and work, and how to think about it today. It is excellent. I should read it again!!

    The pattern fish pattern is part of a line I’ve used recently: I would recommend adding waist shaping or it ends up pretty boxy (unless that is what you want). It isn’t hard to add it–you just decrease a few row at at the sides a couple of inches below the sleeve cast off, and then increase back up the same number of times on the back end. (I did the top down summer cardigan, which has almost the same shape as this one, but added my own long sleeves and added the waist shaping myself. I can dig out the pattern to tell you what I did exactly if you want to know–just shoot me an e-mail). 🙂

    The color is very pretty!

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    • Thanks! A bit late to shape this one, but I figure it’s cheap fun anyway. I thought about making some modifications next time depending on how it turns out this time. I’d be more than happy to see your pattern changes.


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