Godly Friends

Frequently I am reminded of how blessed I am to have godly, Christian women I call friends. Friends who do not lead me into idle talk, or criticism, but who strengthen and inspire me. I pray for them and I know that they pray for me. Most of these women I almost never see, and some I have never met in person, but “you are all one in Christ.” [Gal. 3:28] St. Porphyrios said,

“For Christians, for the people of God, there is no such thing as distance. You can be with someone and at the same time you can talk with God. There are other mysteries: Christians never separate from each other. They are united even if they be thousands of miles apart!”

Seek out people who strengthen you in Christ, who inspire in you a greater love of God. This isn’t to suggest that we should disdain anyone, but life is short. Where are we going? Have love for everyone but choose to walk with those headed along the path to Christ. By your prayers others may follow, but the way to lead others to Christ isn’t to walk down the wrong road with them. Then you are all lost together. That is not friendship.

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