Vintage Vogue V9000: take 1.2

This is the dress I made (at first) a size 18, adjusting it down to a 16 before the previous photos were taken. After making Dress take 2, I went back and deconstructed the majority of this dress (I kept the facings and buttons/buttonholes), cutting it down to a size 10 (the wrong size according to Vogue, but the right size in order to not look like a clown). This is the result. The bodice actually fits this time.

(Note: I really detest having photos taken of me and struggle with it. Also, the past 6 weeks of rain have rendered the lawn as substantial as tissue over wet sponge and I had to carefully squelch my way across, trying not to sink. The 90+% humidity is doing dreadful things to my hair, but as a Southerner, I’m used to that now.)

8 thoughts on “Vintage Vogue V9000: take 1.2

  1. Just beautiful! I totally understand the having photos taken bit. Mine usually resemble a mug shot. By the way, are you wearing contacts or just ditched the glasses for the photos?

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