Sunday of Orthodoxy

We had a joyous Sunday of Orthodoxy! For one, it stopped raining so we could process around the church. I have no doubt that this was the result of a week’s worth of fervent prayer. For another, Fr. Gerasim, our diocesan administrator from Dallas, was visiting with us today. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I’d seen him until he said he didn’t recognize me because I wasn’t pregnant, haha. 😄 For a third, dear friends of ours from Louisiana were also visiting on their way home. This was their first time at our church and we were delighted to see them. And hear them too, because they sing alto and bass (and we desperately miss having a bass)! Cheryl is an iconographer and I snapped a picture of her and John (our local iconographer who has frescoed the church so far) after Liturgy.

We attended the pan-Orthodox Vespers at St. Anthony’s this evening, but that will be a separate post. Joyous Feastday!

4 thoughts on “Sunday of Orthodoxy

  1. Oh Father Gerasim, how we love him! (He is our spiritual father and received permission to marry us all those years ago–I think we were his first wedding ever!)

    Such nice pictures–I really love the space you have for the church and how the iconography is coming along. It will be stunning when finished!!

    We went to pan-Orthodox Vespers here this afternoon, and the bishop was visiting, so they did the Anathema service–it was a bit long, on top of Vespers, and the 2 hour service in the am (my girls were D-O-N-E done, but what are you going to do??) but I’ve never seen that service before–it’s very interesting!

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