Humility, not Love

In my reading this morning this jumped out at me. It’s one reason why the “love wins” and “all you need is love” slogans always sit wrong with me (apart from their faulty definitions of love).

After I finished my Master’s dissertation, I went to my advisor’s office to have some papers signed, and a conversation unfolded. My advisor knew St. Paisios of the Holy Mountain personally and would often draw on his experiences with the elder for his theological lectures. This particular day he told me, “Geronda Paisios said that love cannot be our guiding principle. Love can err; it can lead us astray, because love can be wrong. People do all sorts of things in the name of love. Humility, on the other hand, ensures that we follow the Church: humility must be our guiding principle.”

The Sweetness of Grace, Mat. Constantina Palmer, p. 32-33

Mat. Constantina blogs at Lessons from a Monastery.

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