Tuesday night Canon of St. Andrew

I was thankful to be able to hear and see most of the service tonight. We had some doors open to catch the breeze and so when I had to stand on the porch with Mittens I could still see in, hear, and sing bits from memory. (Pictures 4-6 were my view.) And it was such a blessing to have friends visiting who were able to come participate with us.

With my whole heart, I cried unto the compassionate God: and He heard me, and He lifted up my soul from the depths of hell and corruption.

-Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, ode 6, irmos

5 thoughts on “Tuesday night Canon of St. Andrew

  1. Each time I go to a special service I think it’s the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. But then it’s time for another and another and now it’s Lent and they have compounded in beauty and overwhelmed my soul.

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  2. It was so nice to be there with you all! The choir is as lovely as ever and the church is beautiful. I’ve missed those sweet voices so much! We cant wait to come visit again. ❤

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