Yarn Along: Cross Blanket

This is one of those hibernating WIP (work(s) in progress) that I’ve been trying to dig out and finish. I think I started this about 12-18 months ago and dropped after row 8 or something. I’m on my third skein now and making decent progress. In case you can’t imagine the finished product, here is a photo of one I made several years ago (slightly different border):

This one will have a border added when I finish the main blanket.

Sadly, my reading time has been slim lately. I recently brought up three Bailey White books to read at bedtime. I’m in the midst of Mama Makes up her Mind now. These are so delightful.

A few days ago I found three Uncle Wiggily books at an antique store for $6 each and snapped them up. I have the first one – passed down to me – and hadn’t even been aware there was a whole series.

This book just came in the mail yesterday and I’m looking forward to reading it. I have enjoyed Dr. Jordan Peterson’s lectures.

To see what others are reading and making, head over to Small Things to the Yarn Along for February.

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