Pink and White Bags

I love pink. I resisted this at one time (perhaps because it was cliched?) but embrace it now. I don’t go overboard like the mother of one of my high school classmates: her whole house (and it was a mansion) was decorated in pink. I don’t know how her husband stood it. But I do like to wear pink fairly often and I like bits of pink here and there, especially pale pink.

That’s why I was so happy to find a fairly large piece of pale pink-and-white plaid heavy fabric at the fabric store recently. It just screamed “shoulder bag” to me. More precisely, two shoulder bags, because that’s how much there was.

I decided to make them reversible like all of my other bags, and chose a happy pink seersucker to go with it. I think they complement each other nicely. (I love that seersucker because it’s the real thing, the pattern being woven, not printed, and being so hard-wearing. Thank goodness I have a few more yards of it!)

This time I quilted the shoulder straps with cotton batting, just for fun.

One bag has straps matching the plaid, and the other has straps matching the seersucker.

These make nice Valentine’s Day gifts, or just a fun and practical way of adding a bit of pink to your day!

Bag with plaid straps here.

Bag with seersucker straps here.

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