Flopsy wanted to go antiquing for her 16th birthday, so that’s what we did. First we hit up a nearby antique mall…

shopping for gloves

Y’all, I was SOOO good. I didn’t buy one package of quilt squares.

Any guesses on year of Girl Scout uniform?

The girls laughed at this camera so hard.

Then we went to a vintage store specializing in painted furniture and vintage clothes (and various and sundry other things)…

Just about killed me but I did not buy this. Sigh.

Would you believe she bought this? Loved it.

Proof I went along.

This mink hat had the mink’s foot in the center top. 

She could actually carry off a fascinator!

And here are some of the finds:

(the skirt)

She looks adorable in this hat.

(Duchess put on a pair of Flopsy’s gloves for the photo.)

I couldn’t resist some old photos. There were tons.

Caption on back just below:

One of my indulgences. They were only $6 apiece and in beautiful condition.

My other indulgence. It will go with my other vintage paper mache egg for Pascha.

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