A is for..?

I'm doing school with Moppet this morning. We're learning "A". After drawing various A's we started thinking of things that start with A. There was the obvious airplane, apple, ant, angel... then one of the reasons why I am not a primary school teacher at heart manifested itself. Me: "Let's see... what else starts with … Continue reading A is for..?


It's 67 right now and we have lots of windows open. I'm sitting by one, working on the shawl which is acquiring some moss green and waiting for the laundry cycle to finish. It feels like spring now but tomorrow morning we're supposed to have freezing rain and then snow showers around lunch!

Craft Room

This is just a short tour. Everything is now labeled (important when most things are in identical drawers). I grouped all of the fabric and sewing supplies/books on the left and all of the yarn/knitting supplies and shop things on the right. Almost all of the notions are in the small drawers under the sewing … Continue reading Craft Room

Close call

Last night I was eating a few chocolate chip brownies and saying to myself, Wow! These sure are good, and completely dairy-free! Then I remembered I was supposed to be avoiding carbs, not dairy! Aauugghhh!! Fortunately it was a dream. Breakfast this morning, however, is comfortingly real. Chia seed pudding with sliced strawberries. ❤️