Panettone toasted with butter. What I offered for breakfast.

Moppet has recently begun eating peanut butter! This is a triumph because she gets so little protein. She won’t eat any meat or fish, and the only beans she eats are baked beans (and that’s practically dessert). I’ve never been so happy to fix a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. Her previous breakfast was one slice of dry toast. All I could ever think of was Elwood ordering at the Soul Food Cafe:

Mrs. Murphy: Help you boys?

Elwood: You got any white bread?

Mrs. Murphy: Yes.

Elwood: I’ll have some toasted white bread, please.

Mrs. Murphy: You want butter or jam on that toast, honey?

Elwood: No, ma’am, dry.

Mittens, meantime, is a cat most of the time. She refused everything for breakfast this morning until it occurred to me to offer her dry cereal in a bowl on the floor and call it cat food:

She ate it.

Work on the miniature quilt continues.

Going to the mailbox to send a letter to Grandma.

Tonight I’m driving up the interstate to attend a storm spotter class! I’m so excited! With one thing or another I’ve never been able to go.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. I apologize for sticking my nose into this subject, but I feel like it’s my duty to share this with you. I also started to have a very low protein diet because I didn’t like meat and other stuff, and the first two years were very good. No more difficult colds in the winter season, feeling good etc. But in the other two years problems started to appear and this year my entire organism collapsed, many symptoms appeared, my blood work has been very bad and the main problem was that I couldn’t walk because of the muscle and bone terrible pain. And one of the main reasons for that was malnutrition, eating very little food and food that was not rich in elementary substances for my body. My doctor, who is also an orthodox nun, understood my issue with meat and recommended me, along with many supplements I was in need for, whey powder (50 g per day) for a proper protein intake. I have taken the treatment for almost four months now and even though I’m not gaining any weight yet, I feel better and I’m able to walk, to sleep, I don’t spend my nights crying anymore, even though the pain is still there and I can’t make effort at all.
    So maybe you can find a way to prevent any issues that may appear in future by giving her some protein powder (there’s also pea powder and other) in daily fruit shakes.
    May God help us all to cherish our soul and body health. Forgive me if I was too nosey or alarming.

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