Craft Room

This is just a short tour. Everything is now labeled (important when most things are in identical drawers). I grouped all of the fabric and sewing supplies/books on the left and all of the yarn/knitting supplies and shop things on the right. Almost all of the notions are in the small drawers under the sewing table. There are still some things that don’t have a tidy home (boxes, polyfil, liturgical sewing supplies) but I’ll work on that. There needs to be more light but I’ve done fairly well with the small gooseneck lamp for detail work.

8 thoughts on “Craft Room

  1. What’s the softest wool you’ve worked with? I crocheted a shawl out of baby alpaca last year. Though it draped beautifully on my mannequin, it made my wrists itch while crocheting it. It became an expensive shawl that I ended up donating. Have you crocheted or knitted a blouse/top out of pima cotton?

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    • Bamboo is some of the softest I have worked with and I haven’t run into anyone who is allergic to it (or finds it itchy). There are some really soft alpaca cashmere blends out there but I’ve never actually worked with any of them (cost factor). No, I haven’t yet made anything from Pima cotton.


  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your craft room. I like the idea of having yarn behind glass doors. Not only does it keep dust away, it keeps kitties out of trouble. 🙂

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