Safety first!

“…if other means prove ineffective, move directly into the prone-position tantrum. This is best accomplished by a dramatic fling towards the floor. Practice this on your own until you feel you’ve achieved that proper flair. Experts are usually able to insert a snapping back of the head when beginning the first wail, then allowing the body to fall artistically forward, bringing the chin down in line with the rest of the body just before ground contact. However, if you are on a hard surface you may need to vary your technique slightly. This is where diligent practice really pays off. You want to appear to fling yourself without any caution, while actually exercising due diligence to protect the face. This heightens the potential for alarm in the parent who may move from irritation to concern in half a second. If you can pull this off you will probably carry your point. However, if you fail and incur some injury, there is always the slight chance you may hear something along the line of, “serves you right for pitching a fit.”

So until you can carry it off with confidence, save your dramatic flings for soft ground and carpeted surfaces. Remember… safety first!”

Everything You Wanted to Know About Being Two but were Afraid to Ask, 2012

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