Post-New Year Bits and Pieces

Well, God honored my fervent plea that we not be sick for Christmas. So we’re sick starting New Year’s. Ah well.

I landed in Houston Friday afternoon, finally met Father (worst directions to vehicle pickup from arrivals I’ve ever seen), and collapsed. I went straight to bed and didn’t really get out until yesterday.

Poor little Mittens woke with a fever Sunday night and pretty much kept it through last night. And yesterday was her name day. She’s much better today. Father’s down now, and Moppet and Ruby are coughing. Duchess may also be getting sick. We’ll just go ahead and paint a red cross on the door and get it over with.

It’s been cold here. We may have gotten a few degrees above freezing today for a high and the lows have been in the 20’s. That’s pretty chilly for the Houston area. I even heard there was show seen in the Gulf this morning off of the LA coast!

It never really sinks in completely until I move someone from the living to the departed list…

(Selfie I took while out and about in SC)

There’s a possibility of contacts on the horizon. I never ever got the hang of putting them in back in high school. After a year it was still taking me 45 minutes to put them in on average. I gave up in disgust and resigned myself to glasses. My mother put her foot down for the wedding and made an appointment with the optician to have her insert some a few days in advance. It took her 20-30 minutes and she said she’d never had so much trouble. I think it’s my hypervigilant blink reflex and long eyelashes. Anyway, we may give them another go. This time I’m in bifocals which adds a wrinkle. Rather than get those bifocal contacts (can’t wrap my brain around that), I’m just going to get single vision and wear reading glasses as needed. It sure will make reading music at the piano easier.

(Just for fun. But seriously, can you spare a tenor?)

I’m trying to get back on track with homeschooling and get a grip on my long range (life) planning for the next six months. We have three birthdays this month. Lent begins shockingly early this year (Zaccheus Sunday is January 21st!). And, I heard that Yarn Along will be returning after a long absence. 🙂 Duchess also completely revamped my craft room and I’ve hardly been able to enjoy it yet. Lots to look forward to!

6 thoughts on “Post-New Year Bits and Pieces

  1. I so wish I could plan for at least 6 months of my life! Lord have mercy! I am so sorry you are all going through a time of sickness! Lord have mercy!!! May God remember your Aunt Susan in His Kingdom and comfort all those grieving her!

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    • It’s much more a list of “these are important things which MUST GET DONE in the next six months.” I can easily lose sight of the bigger picture when each day is so stuffed with little stuff.


  2. Memory eternal!! It is always so hard to lose someone, but I’m glad you were able to be with her, and that it was a good death, as you say.

    I’m sorry too you all have been sick! (lots of stuff going around now) That is the pits, especially in a big family. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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    • I hope we’re all well soon too. Depending on how fast it moves and the order in which people get sick, I may or may not make it to some of the services this weekend (starting with eve of Theophany Friday).


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