Morning Watch

I rise before dawn and cry for help;

    I hope in thy words.

My eyes are awake before the watches of the night,

    that I may meditate upon thy promise.

[Ps. 119:147-8]

I woke a little after 3:00 and frequently thereafter when Aunt Susan coughed. A little after 4:00 she actually opened her eyes and looked around so I moved to the chair next to her where she could see me. She gave me her signature beautiful smile and in response to my questions said she wasn’t in any pain and didn’t need anything. I adjusted her oxygen cannula and sat with her until she went back to sleep. It occurred to me that I could go ahead and say morning prayers and then wouldn’t need to at the airport.

It is a privilege to spend the fourth watch of the night with her. May God continue to have mercy on her and allow her comfort.

One thought on “Morning Watch

  1. Thank you, for being there. We are so blessed to have Aunt Susan in our family. She feels so close to her nieces and nephews. Praying by her bedside is a beautiful thing.

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