Cold wanderings

Tonight I’m staying with my aunt. She’s asleep so I’m taking the opportunity to post some photos.

Earlier today I drove around through some significant hills to find Poinsett Bridge. It was built in 1820 and is possibly the oldest bridge in the southeast. Better yet, it has a Gothic arch. I nearly froze taking pictures of it. The temperature was 28 and I was on the north side of the mountain. I was wearing the gloves my oldest knitted for me for Christmas but I had to leave the right one off so I could use my phone. I wrapped my hand in the glove in between shots.

One thought on “Cold wanderings

  1. My kids were outside yesterday in the snow at some friends’ and the temp was around 5! We had to time their outings to about 20-30 minutes so they didn’t get frostbite. Today it is snowing again (we are home) and it is in the upper 20s, so practically balmy. đŸ™‚ I love winter!!

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