God’s time

Sometimes you enter into God’s time for a space, when normalcy slips aside and you are present from moment to moment, without future expectation or plans.

I am in the lovely lobby of the inpatient hospice where my aunt is a patient. I spent all day yesterday on planes, in a rented car, checking into a hotel, and back into the car to drive into the foothills to see her. We had a wonderful visit last evening, exceeding all of my hopes.

I was able to give her the shawl I made her for Christmas. Such a blessing.

Unfortunately she had a difficult night and her status has worsened. She is only seeing immediate family so I am ensconced here in the atrium with my knitting and prayer rope. I explained that I’m completely flexible, can come or go, can go in to the room or stay all day out here. I am waiting. But I do not wait alone. God waits with me.

3 thoughts on “God’s time

  1. What a blessing to hear your visit with her was even better than hoped for. The shawl is beautiful and will be so comforting around her shoulders. I will be praying for you and your aunt and family. May our Lord have mercy on all.


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