Christmas Eve

Here we are, on the last day before Christmas.

* * * *

We have prepared and do not lack much to be completely ready. I do have to get the lentil soup going in the crock pot for dinner tonight after Vigil. I also still have presents to wrap.

The front went through faster than expected on Friday so we didn’t have to cancel our planned outing to look at Christmas lights. The youngest three went in pajamas as is traditional.

Liturgy this morning was probably beautiful, but I had to leave early to take home a child not feeling well and a misbehaving one. The baby tagged along. We get another chance this evening and tomorrow morning. It was clear and cold.

Right now the house is relatively quiet and peaceful and I have a cup of coffee. Sitting here looking at the tree is nice.

Thank the Lord no one is sick this Christmas. With so many people serving and singing, an epidemic at our house is a minor disaster.

I like having family treasures around for feasts, things that belonged to my grandparents, etc.

Remembering all of our departed family and friends as they celebrate the birth of Christ in heaven.

I do not yet know whether my Aunt Susan will be celebrating Christmas with us or as one of the “citizens of heaven above.” She has declined rapidly. I am flying out on Tuesday morning to be with everyone and I am hoping against hope that I will see her one last time in this life. I finished her shawl Friday. The next morning I found out that she might never see it. Please remember her in your prayers.

Rejoice, Bethlehem! Prepare yourself, O Ephratha!

The Lamb is on her way to give birth to the Chief Shepherd she carries in her womb.

The God-bearing forefathers will rejoice, beholding Him,

and with the shepherds, they will glorify the Virgin nursing Him.

– kontakion, Sunday before Nativity

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