Sunday snapshots

Sunday when we drove to Liturgy I was wary of the soft and saturated ground to park on. I let the kids out and then parked in a place that looked firm. As soon as the last wheel left the pavement I felt it spin. Drat. And I wasn’t the only one stuck.

After coffee hour Liviu fired up his digger (on treads, not wheels) and started pulling people out, us first. Some kids were excited; others not so much. Always an adventure!

My apron (this one was a birthday present from Duchess) and I have been inseparable for the past several days. In fact, I have it on as I type this.

Sunday afternoon was set aside for making baklava. The house smelled wonderful, and I couldn’t have even a smidge. *sniff*

These apples were part of a gift from a sweet parishioner. Aren’t they pretty?

I set out the extra cloves and some mandarin oranges that were left over so interested children could make pomander balls.

Duchess caught me taking a picture of her while she was helping me put labels on Christmas cards.

The baklava (pre-syrup) looked perfect.

I discovered a British archaeology series you can find on YouTube while hunting for documentaries to watch while making censers. Time Team is fantastic. Admittedly, they do much better at describing and predicting the concrete finds than they do ascribing motives to religious practices. They’re all absolute atheists. But the program is good enough that I can grit my teeth through the odd annoying bits. And there are twenty seasons.

Frankly, just listening to field archaeologist Phil Harding’s awesome West Country accent makes this worth watching! [Phil on right, below, wearing famous disreputable hat.]

Friday and Saturday were exhausting, crammed, and anxiety-producing, and Sunday wasn’t much better, but I survived the weekend!

7 thoughts on “Sunday snapshots

  1. nice! (well other than the stressful weekend, so sorry)… I tell you my godmother’s words about there being ‘feast day devils’ that cause ruckus before feast days (like Christmas) is so true 😦 … But Christ IS born and we can rejoice in that unchanging truth! there’s always something, right? Nice about the things to watch, sounds nice! I’ve been watching cheesy Christmas movies lately, mainly. sending LOVE to you!!!

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