Six years ago

Six years ago I was in labor with our baby Andrew. He had died 12 days before and we induced labor in the hospital so I wouldn’t risk miscarrying on Christmas Eve or something. It was our second miscarriage in 8 months. I was losing hope that Pickles would have a baby brother or sister.

Six years (and two additional losses) later, our little sister has her own little sister. I never thought I would see this day. Glory to God for His great mercy and many blessings.

4 thoughts on “Six years ago

  1. Truly, it is amazing to see the blessings today, and to think back on those dark and sad days. May his memory be eternal. You have a few intercessors up there, watching over their siblings who bumble around this earth. ❤

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  2. Glory to God! Thank you for so faithfully and lovingly documenting your departed babies’ stories. It brings comfort to others who have lost little ones yet lack the words to share their stories.

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