Snow and Fun

Thursday afternoon we saw that we actually had a chance of snow that night. We didn’t even tell the children until it started looking like it might really happen. They were incredibly excited even though we told them it wasn’t supposed to stick (being above freezing). We were all just looking forward to seeing a few flakes.

It had been raining for the better part of three days so we kept checking the radar to see the line of ice/mix/snow creeping closer from the northwest. When it changed from drizzle to a wintry mix everyone bundled up and headed outside to watch. It was nearly impossible to get pictures of it (being dark, only a little bit, etc.) but here are a few:

Finally the kids went to bed and we watched for a little longer, wishing it would stick (it was 36-38F) but enjoying watching it nonetheless. Mittens woke me up first and I checked Twitter (I am on there for meteorological amusement) to see the photos of accumulation from College Station, Austin, etc. When I saw the photo the NWS in Houston put up of the little snowman the night shift had left for them I jumped out of bed in shock and looked out the window. SNOW!!!!

We woke up to snow! It stuck!

We got 2 inches!

We got 2 inches.

Moppet doesn’t remember snow.
Neither does Mittens.
That face says it all!

Starting the snowman…

Ummmm…  That’s…quite the nose you’ve got there.

Cyrasnow de Bergerac

Flopsy’s igloo


It was cold all day and in the shade the snow stuck around. (In fact, there is still a little hanging around this morning.) When I went to the post office at 2 PM there was still a pile of snow on the windshield!

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