St. Nicholas Day

O who loves Nicholas the saintly,

O who serves Nicholas the saintly,

Him will Nicholas receive,

And give help in time of need:

Holy Father Nicholas!

Yesterday it seemed I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. There were so many errands, I made prosphora for Liturgy this morning, wrangled small children, made censers, and went to Vespers last night. I fairly dropped into bed. But through the prayers of St. Nicholas everything got done.

He who dwells in God’s holy mansions,

Is our help on the land and oceans,

He will guard us from all ills,

Keep us pure and free from sins

Holy Father Nicholas!

This morning I drove an unfamiliar route (involving toll roads – new to us) to Liturgy through the rain. Partway down the “low tire pressure” light came on. I was torn: pull off in an emergency lane? Keep going? It hadn’t blown and there was no sign of a problem… I knew I’d have the dickens of a time lowering the spare from underneath the van and it was raining. I needed to get to church! I had more than half the choir and all the altar servers with me. I started praying fervently: Holy St. Nicholas, we’re doing this for you! Please pray that we will get to church safely! I kept driving and praying and we arrived safely and on time. After church Father looked at all the tires and couldn’t see anything wrong. I drove home – safely.

Holy Saint, hearken to our prayer,

Let not life drive us to despair,

All our efforts shall not wane,

Singing praises to your name:

Holy Father Nicholas!

Yesterday I got the news that my beloved aunt is suspending cancer treatments and switching to palliative care. My heart aches, even as I saw this coming a few months ago. I can’t see any way to go see her so my last visit will have been a year ago. I lit a candle this morning for her, and for her children and grandchildren, and for her only sister, my mother. Aunt Susan has a bright and joyful spirit, and has fought this battle uncomplainingly. Through the prayers of St. Nicholas, may God grant her peace and freedom from pain, and joy in the midst of sadness for her family this Christmas season. No despair!

Through the prayers of St. Nicholas may the Lord have mercy on us and save us!

4 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day

  1. Lord have mercy on your Aunt! It is hard to not be able to see family in times like these! I understand,it was like that when my Opa was in this situation; I was not able to even go the funeral, the same with my Uncle Jack. But we can pray for them! *** I hope you have a blessed St Nicholas day! *** I love this song for St Nicholas; we prayed this song yesterday and today at vespers and liturgy! 🙂

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  2. Was it a cold morning where you are? In Minnesota that light comes on in our van each year when it gets cold. There are a few weeks in the fall when the light turns on in the morning and turns itself off as the day warms up. Then when the light stays on we just add a little extra air to the tires. I had a few harried trips before for learning this 🙂

    Your church looks absolutely beautiful!

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