Me too

Me: What do you girls want for breakfast?

Moppet: Can I have toast?

Me: Yes, you can have toast.

Moppet: Yay! Toast!

Mittens: Yay! Toes!

Moppet: I want something on my toast.

Me: What do you want on it?

Moppet: Ummm…

Mittens: Ummm…

(I help her open the fridge.)

Moppet: Ummm…

Mittens: Ummm…

Moppet: (pointing to margarine) That!

Mittens: (behind open door) Yeah, that!

Me: (gets it out) Ok, just a moment while it toasts.

Moppet: Yay!

Mittens: Yay!

(Toast is finished and served. Moppet happily eats her toast. Mittens looks at it blankly and pushes it away.)

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