16 thoughts on “17

  1. What a beautiful cake!! What beautiful decorations!!’ What a beautiful birthday girl!! You all out did yourselves. Even the wicked stepsisters played their parts well. Of course I can’t leave out the cute cat and the fairy godmother. So where were the boys hiding ??

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  2. I’ve been meaning to comment, been away from my chrome book and I can’t figure out how to have wordpress let me comment on my phone!!! before I forget: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haviland_%26_Co.

    cool little bit about the Co and the dishes!

    OK, WOW!!! what a gorgeous dress!!! what FUN!!! so beautiful! what a creative feat! super fun!!! I am so glad you see your family working together on such endeavours!!! So cool. She looks perfect for it and how special!!! God bless!!!

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  3. How exquisite! Love the dress, love the china, love the cake, love the flowers … Such a beautiful young lady. I remember Father announcing her birth in church. Many years!

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