Thankful for cool weather 

It’s still fairly quiet in the house this morning. Moppet is downstairs but Mittens went back to sleep and the others haven’t yet emerged. 

The long-awaited cold front blew through last night while I was fixing dinner. Before I started it was still, muggy, and 80-something. I stepped out while the oil was heating and a small breeze had started blowing from the north and the temperature had dropped a degree or two. By the time the chicken was done and I had fixed plates for the little ones it was blowing pretty well and the temperature had dropped between 10-15 degrees. It actually feels slightly chilly this morning. Glory to God! (Father and I normally walk most evenings, and despite it being late by the time he had come home from class and had supper, we walked anyway. No way were we going to miss the delightful north wind!)

Later today or tomorrow I will put up some posts reviewing a few Orthodox family resources I received lately. One makes a wonderful Christmas present but the other you need to get ASAP so as to have it by the time the Nativity Fast begins (or shortly thereafter). Advent activities for Orthodox families are not a dime-a-dozen!

And now… the house is not quiet. 😉 Back later!

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