Weekend Roundup 

Moppet has enjoyed playing with her toys! She even was asked to share in blowing out someone else’s birthday candles at coffee hour yesterday. Naturally we wound up bringing home the leftover cake… oy vey!

Saturday evening several of the parish ladies stayed after Vespers to make centerpieces to decorate the tables for the special luncheon in honor of Archbishop Alexander’s visit next weekend. We have one very talented designer and the rest of us copied her. (They will be placed on burlap squares in the center of the table and a wine bottle with a candle inserted will be placed inside.)

Mittens demanded a hat before church yesterday. I put this family heirloom on her (I remember her my youngest sister wearing it). Knowing she would yank it off after a few moments, I took a quick photo.

We had really pretty mackerel skies yesterday. The sunset was equally nice:

I’ve begun working on gifts for the children in the family but I won’t show pictures of them here. I want to keep them a surprise. Here is a really informal photo of the stockings my mom commissioned for my youngest brother’s children. I can safely show you because hen it a blog reader. (They still need linings and hanging loops. One was still blocking.)

I need to be working on censers ahead of the Christmas rush!

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