Slow and fast

There are those times when life seems to be speeding past you, events happening with a rapidity that leaves you breathless. Then there are the intervals that feel exactly the opposite: you’re wading through molasses, unable to do a single thing to speed things up. The fun part is when those two times exist simultaneously.

The children are growing up, suddenly hitting milestones before I was ready. I feel bewildered trying to catch up to reality. At the same time other events are unfolding with excruciating slowness. I vacillate between frustration and apathy. Patience is elusive.

This morning I am home from Liturgy with the three youngest, all of whom are sick with colds. I saw it coming and so have accepted it fairly philosophically. They’re not so sick that I can’t leave them with Father this afternoon to take the older girls with me to a painting party organized by the ladies of the parish.

I can’t make the fast things slow down, or the slow things speed up. All I can do is the best I can, and not forget to stop occasionally to appreciate everyday details. 

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