Painting party

The ladies of our parish (all who could attend) got together for a painting party at Pinot’s Palette this evening. I had a lovely time and think everyone had a lot of fun. We all brought wine to share. I brought the “baby wine” that has only 6.5% alcohol, which is as much as my taste buds can handle, haha.

Before we began we blessed the food by singing the Lord’s Prayer. It sounded pretty good given that almost the entire choir was present and the room’s acoustics were great. I think we must have turned some heads in the other larger studio. Our instructor actually asked us if we could sing something else after the class had started so we sang the trisagion hymn. He recorded it to show his mom. 

Everyone was supposed to be painting the same thing, but given that there were four of us present from the same house, three of us elected to strike out on our own. Troublemakers.

Painting is not my thing; drawing is. I always try to “draw with the paintbrush”, which is not how you paint. I decided to think about Bob Ross and his “happy little trees”. I haven’t watched a show in probably 25-30 years, so it didn’t turn out as I had hoped. Also, we were using acrylics, not oils. Acrylic paint dries really fast! I did really like the girls’ paintings though. And regardless of how it turned out, it was a lot of fun to do it together, which was the point after all.





7 thoughts on “Painting party

  1. You’ve got 4 very talented painters in your household; seriously, your landscape is amazing! And the shading in Ribby’s, and the detail in Duchess’s! And Snoopy’s doghouse in Flopsy’s– how fun is that! ❤

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  2. Love all the pics you took. Thanks. I loved all the unique expressions of everyone – including you 4 ladies. Not one cross looked like the original one we had to copy – LOL In fact he just quit demonstrating how to duplicate the original painting and went with us. I think Bill (instructor) was enjoying what we were trying to do on our own.

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