Yesterday I had to run to Kroger for something that Walmart didn’t have. On the way in I admired the lovely colors of the plants and pumpkins on display in conjunction with the deep blue sky. It finally felt a little like fall. 

On the way out I couldn’t help lingering a bit and even took a few photos just to enjoy the colors. An employee chatted with me a bit about the plants and then pointed out a separate display without a sign. “Those are only $2.00!” It’s usual for stores to offer plants past their prime at a discount, but I’m used to them being half dead, pot bound, etc. These were perfectly healthy and only needed to be deadheaded! I decided that it would be preposterous to pass up the opportunity to get some large pots of mums discounted from $14 to $2. I put my purchase in the car, grabbed a cart from the parking lot, and picked out two yellow and two rust-colored pots. Unbelievable! The checker inside was similarly impressed.

I carefully loaded them in the car. When I got home I placed them near the front entrance and took several minutes to pluck off the spent blossoms. Beautiful! And all for $8! I really ought to go back today and get some more for the back patio.

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