Thank you, God, for:

  1. Cooler air. It’s fall.
  2. Seeing Mittens in footed PJs for the first time since February.
  3. Coffee, drunk while it’s still hot from the percolator.
  4. Ginger accepting his new vocabulary book with good grace.
  5. The ability to lengthen a sweater, too short since last winter.
  6. Unexpected business to create unexpected funds to cover unexpected needs.
  7. Hands that can knit, eyes that can see.
  8. Helpful children.
  9. A toddler who let us all go back to sleep after waking us at an obscenely early hour.
  10. Toddlers and preschoolers who say hilarious things.
  11. Magic Erasers.
  12. Friends who listen, understand, and pray.
  13. Everyone alive, all under one roof.
  14. Spiritual fathers.
  15. Loving family.
  16. Coffee.
  17. Books to read that rest the fretting part of your mind.
  18. Quilts.
  19. A loving, supportive parish.
  20. Beauty everywhere.

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