Birthday celebration 

Yesterday evening Father and I went to Barnes and Noble for me to pick out a book (well, two, one of which I half finished last night) and then next door to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. The motive was being able to pick up a slice of low-carb cheesecake for the party. I convinced Fathet to join me in a photo afterward. Duchess largely made the cake (all from scratch) and decorated it. Didn’t she do a superb job!! The children had cleaned and tidied (including the kitchen) and decorated. It was worth the wait!

Those were relighting candles to the delight of the littles.

6 thoughts on “Birthday celebration 

  1. What a special time to celebrate both as a couple and a family. Duchess did a beautiful work on that cake. I am especially impressed with the roses – those are not that easy to make. She has a real talent. 🎂🎉🎉🎈👩🏼‍🍳

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