Bits and pieces 

So, yesterday I turned 43. Given the busy schedule we are celebrating tomorrow evening instead. The kids will make a birthday cake, I will blow out the candles, then I will have a piece of low-carb cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, solving that problem quite neatly.

In the week after returning from the beach I have had orders for a total of 15 toy censers. Other than the few weeks before Christmas that’s the most I’ve ever had in such a short time. Of course, ten of them are headed to St. Tikhon’s. 

I haven’t let myself work on anything else until these are done, with two exceptions. One: I relisted the censer ornaments and made a few.

Two: I sewed on the buttons for two sweater sets. I need to make time to photograph and list these in the shop today.

I also made prosphora today, and though I used (deliberately) a little less yeast, the bread rose higher than ever. Sigh. Bread is not an exact science.

Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Nate. I hope people will not be complacent since it will “only” be a category 2 at landfall, compared to some stronger hurricanes earlier this season. 

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