For a little while, my spot on the couch by the windows is an oasis. The small ones are napping, Flopsy is working on chemistry next to me, Pickles is doing math on the love seat, Ginger is working on Algebra at the dining table, and I am knitting a Christmas stocking commissioned for a … Continue reading Oasis

Duck sweater preview 

By the time I finished the hat and sewed the buttons on the sweater (and with the rain outside) the natural light wasn’t enough to take decent photos. So these are just preview photos with artificial light. Better ones tomorrow. 


Yesterday I had to run to Kroger for something that Walmart didn't have. On the way in I admired the lovely colors of the plants and pumpkins on display in conjunction with the deep blue sky. It finally felt a little like fall.  On the way out I couldn't help lingering a bit and even … Continue reading Mums