Weekend roundup

Saturday morning we went back to the park and the temperature was much nicer. The playground equipment wasn’t too hot to play on and they had a nice time. We walked out on the dock and several small turtles came swimming up to us as if they expected to be fed. We’ll have to bring something with us next time.

You may remember that I mentioned this park had been flooded during the hurricane, but in the pictures above you can see exactly how high the water got. Look at the hedges for the demarcation between clean leaves and muddy leaves. As we were standing on the elevated banks of the pond we noted that it had been higher than my head, and a little higher than I could reach. That’s a lot of water.

There was exactly one tree decked out for fall. While we were looking at it a sudden breeze blew hundreds of leaves down; a lovely sight.

This is the double-knitting project I referred to in an earlier post. It’s somewhat tedious but better once you get going. I’m doing better holding the yarn but I need to research better techniques because it’s still awkward and hard to get up much speed. It’s not easy to tell right now but the blanket will have a pattern of hearts. You can see some of the bottom portion of the hearts.

Saturday before I took the children to the park I took the girls over to Jo-Ann’s. Duchess needed embroidery canvas (and was happy to find waste canvas) and I am nearly out of the gold yarn I use for censers (and am still out, since they too were out) plus I wanted to get some finer crochet thread to try out my 8/0 steel knitting needles. They only had #20 in the store, and only in white, but it will do for practice until I can order something online. The gold mine was a grouping of bins full of sale yarn reduced an additional 25%. I found superwash wool and got enough for a few baby/toddler sweaters, and Patons silk/bamboo yarn which is both expensive and difficult to find in stores. I got every ball they had (which wasn’t terribly much, but it was enough to induce elation!)

While Hurricane Harvey affected our family and that of my youngest brother (since he’s in the TX guard), Irma is affecting my parents and my youngest sister and her family. My parents currently have power but last I heard my sister’s house is running on a generator. Flooding will not be a problem for either of them. Lord have mercy on all of the less fortunate.

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