Drowned Garden

Earlier today we went to a nearby park that has a butterfly garden. (You can see some photos from a previous visit here.) Because the park is adjacent to Spring Creek it flooded badly during the hurricane, even though the park is considerably higher than the normal water level. The flooding was that high. Sadly many of the plants had been killed, although I hope some of the ones that looked dead will come back from the roots. You could see where the high water mark was by the dust/dried mud left behind. Even benches had floated and were scattered where they had landed when the water receded. It was staggering to see. A few plants had survived or already bounced back which was fortunate for the few butterflies seeking sanctuary. 

2 thoughts on “Drowned Garden

    • We were so isolated that while things got really bad very close to us, we couldn’t actually see it. Being out and about now it’s mind boggling to realize just how much flooding there was (and still is, in places).


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