School, Cake, Knits, and Bats

School formally started today although it does tend to run year-round. The above photo is from a few days ago. Moppet showed interest in writing her name rather than merely writing in her own alphabet. (She’s tracing, not writing freehand.)

Pickles wanted to make a cake without much assistance so I picked up a mix and frosting at the store for him. He made this yesterday and I had given him complete latitude on the decorating. He even insisted on lighting a candle after turning the lights off. Moppet automatically sang “Happy Birthday” and hesitated slightly when she reached the part where you insert a name. After all, it’s no one’s birthday. Then she supplied “…dear Mommy…” and sallied forth. So I guess I had an honorary birthday yesterday.

This was my view of the egg section of the store yesterday. Most things are back in stock but several are lagging and a few are missing entirely. There’s plenty of water, however, both bottled and in gallon jugs.

Of course, I started a new project yesterday. I decided to give double knitting a try. This isn’t it. This is yet another item I started this afternoon: cotton dishcloths. I realized we were getting pretty pathetic in the dishcloth department and decided need took precedence over want. I finished this one a little while ago.

The last two evenings we have been entertained by watching bats in the backyard. (The first photo is from last night. Lovely moon.) Sadly, this evening the only things we saw flying were planes. It’s still quite warm in the evenings (heat index 89 when we came back inside tonight) but that should change over the next 48 hours. It’s not exactly a cold front, but overall temperatures should drop a bit, especially at night. It’s actually supposed to get down to 60 Thursday night! 

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