Wool-working in Ireland, 1978

I do enjoy watching (and sharing!) videos I find of old handicrafts, and the older the video the better. This one was filmed in 1978 in Kilcar and Carrick, towns in County Donegal, Ireland. It begins with a sheep-buying market which is fascinating in itself, but if you want to skip to the parts on shearing, treating the fleece, etc. that begins about the 6:15 mark. Topics (in addition to the above) include: grading the fleece, washing, carding, spinning (two different wheels), gathering materials for dye, dying, knitting.

4 thoughts on “Wool-working in Ireland, 1978

  1. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed seeing the process and especially the natural sources the women used to dye their wool. Have you ever watched videos of Tristan da Cunha, the most remote island in the world? Their women are known for their knitting. Their post office has a Facebook page you can follow.

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  2. Fascinating video. I tried to pause it to get a close look at her knitting with 4 needles, but her hands were moving so fast that each frame was a blur … Amazing. Thanks for posting it.

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