Home Sick Knits

This morning I’m home sick from church with an assortment of sick children, none of whom are very ill, but are certainly contagious. Our kind neighbor is picking up the well contingent on the way to church. 

I was too exhausted to get the coffee ready last night and lacked the strength to do it this morning so I made tea. A rarity for me, and I’m not sure why. Well, possibly because there’s only one I really like: chai. All the rest seem to taste like twigs in hot water. 

I carried my project back downstairs with me this morning. To be honest, I’ve lost all enthusiasm for this bedspread. I will dutifully finish and block it. Maybe I will feel a bit more positive after making a matching pillow sham and putting them on a miniature bed. 

I looked at some knitting videos and came across one on Russian speed knitting. Even though I don’t feel speedy right now, I thought it might come in handy. After watching the video and double checking with a written tutorial, realized that this is the way I have always knit. Finding out that Russians consider crochet and knit to be the same thing, just accomplished differently, cleared it up for me. I came to knitting relatively late, having been a crocheter all my life. I automatically and unconsciously transferred my method of holding the yarn and manipulating the hook to my knitting technique. The “throwing” the yarn technique looks bizarre to me, but perhaps it wouldn’t had I been tutored in it as a child. Hm.

I did realize that I’ve gotten insular in my knitting and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to learn another few stitches or experiment with a different way of knitting. Maybe I will pick out a comfortable yarn from my stash and carry it to bed later so I can follow along with a video. I need another cup of tea first.

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