We’re still fine, have had a power outage yesterday and one today, but neither was very long. The roads are clear for us to get to a couple of stores should we need to go out, but their stock is low and they are out of many staples. It may be another day or two before roads to the outside are clear and semis can bring in food and supplies. We ourselves are ok on supplies and still have water.

Not exactly typical conditions…

Our parish is fine: no one has had water actually in their house as far as I am aware, but for one family it got as far as inundating their yard and entering their garage. Mercifully they are now seeing the water slowly recede in their neighborhood. At least one family has no water supply. The church building is fine at the last report. The roof has had some problems in the past,  and anticipating leaks, tarps were placed over the altar. Right now many of us couldn’t get to church if we tried because there are still impassable places between home and church, but the water will go down.

A few hours ago we heard a helicopter going over the house and several of us rushed to the window to look but we couldn’t see it. I realized the incident stood out because it’s been days since we heard any planes. Usually planes from George Bush airport fly over on a regular basis but it and Hobby, the airport in south Houston, have been inundated and closed. 

We have received an additional 3 inches of rain since last night, bringing our storm total to 32.75 inches. At this point we’re all tired and ready for life to get back to normal. For us it won’t be a long wait, but for people in devastated areas of Houston, and coastal areas like Rockport, life will be disrupted for a very long time to come. Please keep them in your prayers. 

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