5 thoughts on “Thank the Lord

  1. Soooo very glad to see that image! It’s so hard to be so far and watching everyone struggling. I have been keeping track of your updates, makes it more real then the news and not so overwhelming for the kids. Our prayers continue to be with you and those affected. Now to look for a material way to help.

    Alicia in New Zealand


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  2. On Sunday, I saw some patches of blue sky over San Antonio.

    Today, I saw a few over my own home (a little further east), and I thought maybe, maybe tomorrow our dear friends in Houston would see some blue sky too. I am so delighted that it came early!

    Thanks be to God!

    It’s amazing how this great storm has made me appreciate blue sky in a whole new way. After a long long super hot summer, during which I took that blue sky for granted, it took just one weekend of Hurricane Harvey to find that a blue sky is the most hopeful and wonderful thing we can see.

    So glad you saw it too!

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