Monday morning update

Note: The release of water from various reservoirs will not impact our house.  We are still soaked but not underwater, glory to God. If we wanted to get out and drive anywhere we wouldn’t get too far because of surrounding flooding, but we’re being good and staying home anyway. 

This morning we had an actual break in the rain. I stepped out to measure the overnight rainfall without an umbrella. Smokey got to go out and run around for 20 minutes too.

It’s raining again now and as Harvey slowly slips SE over the Gulf the north wall of rain will cover us. Our area is forecast to get 10-15 more inches through Wednesday. However, because of the lack of strong winds we still have power. 

Last night from 9pm on we had 3 inches of rain, bringing the storm total (so far) to 27.5 inches. 

We’re continuing to pray for all of those affected by Harvey, and all of the emergency and relief workers. I know the IOCC is planning to come and help with relief efforts but I don’t know any details yet.

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