In Which Matushka is Entirely Surrounded by Water

Well, we’re surrounded. We can leave our little neighborhood and access some shops and parts of other neighborhoods, but we now cannot access the interstate, toll road, or make use of any back roads because they’re all impassable. The issue isn’t so much our getting out as supply trucks getting in. Almost everything is closed, or at least out of staples, and I know at least a few gas stations are out of gas. 

We are not in bad shape as there is no flood water in our home and we have (I hope) adequate supplies of food, water, ice, and diapers. The power went out for a little while this afternoon, but amazingly is back on. If it goes out again we have candles and can cook on the gas range. Not everyone is so fortunate.

As far as we are aware all of our parishioners are safe, although some are similarly marooned or have had to evacuate. Thank the Lord for that.

The rain continues and there is no hope of it stopping soon. I don’t know exactly how much additional rain we have had this afternoon but I know the total is over 30 inches now. Unbelievable. They’re having to open dams to prevent lakes and reservoirs overtopping and failing, and that is not exactly helping the flooding situation. 

I will only keep blogging if the power is on. Updates when possible.

[ETA: I just emptied the bucket and we had an additional 2.25 inches of rain since this morning, bringing the grand total to 29.75 inches.]

7 thoughts on “In Which Matushka is Entirely Surrounded by Water

    • We got another 2 inches since last night, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: the rain may move out mid-tomorrow. I don’t know the status of roads around here yet. Of course, the people to our south are dealing with much worse. Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Love the Winnie the Pooh reference ❤ And so glad you're okay! I hadn't checked my Feedly in a few days, and I was talking to F about the hurricane this evening and said "Everyone we know in Texas is okay." And then I realized I hadn't heard anything from you! So now I'm catching up. 🙂

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