Pray for Houston 

First, we are ok. We are still in our house which has power, water, and Internet, so we are in the Taj Mahal compared to most. I can hope that the situation does not change with the additional feet of rain expected over the next several days.

We have had 17 inches at our house so far. The bucket nearly filled overnight and I measured it at 9.5 inches before dumping it out to start over. The wading pool is overflowing so it’s no longer useful. I measured 7.5 inches yesterday evening when I put out the bucket. (The first photo I took from the doorway when I came downstairs. About 45 minutes later Father took the second photo. Notice there’s another inch of water that fell in the interval.)

The scenes and stories of devastation I can see online are heartbreaking. Lord have mercy! It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around. Please pray for all of us in this area!

At the urging of my brother in Austin I joined Twitter so I could better keep up with storm warnings. I periodically tweet photos and updates flood-wise if you are on Twitter and want to follow me there.

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