Saturday morning 

We had an uneventful night and dawn hadn’t quite come this morning before our phones both alarmed and woke us out of a sound sleep. It was for a new flash flood warning, but I actually had to read through an entire list of warnings to find out what I needed to worry about now. I’ve never had to do that.

We’re parked squarely in a rain band and it’s storming pretty well now. I think that will be our status for the next several hours. Not to say, days:

Even Smokey didn’t want to go out this morning. 

Winds haven’t been high here so there’s hope we will keep electricity. Unfortunately, by the time Harvey, or what’s left of him, meanders over here next week, it won’t take much in the way of wind gusts to lose trees  because the ground will be nothing but mush.

Today I will continue work on this miniature knitted blanket. I’ve made several miniatures over the past few days but they haven’t made it into the shop yet. Look at the tiny niddy-noddy!

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