Category 4

Well, Harvey defied all initial expectations and is now a category 4 with sustained winds of 130 mph. It’s been a bizarre day. Very much a “hurry up and wait” kind of day. While our own local weather has vacillated between “boring” and “dreary”, farther south down the coast people are really getting hammered. 

There was apparently a run on chewing gum. Can you imagine?

We ran out on an errand around noon and I’ve been extremely prompt about various chores (getting the trash and recycling cans back up in the garage pronto, running two more loads of laundry), but it’s mostly been staring out at the drizzle and checking for updated weather advisories. The most exciting thing so far has been successfully troubleshooting a non-functioning AC. You know that scene in Austen Powers when the guy is standing in the path of the steamroller with his hand out yelling, “Nooooooo!”? And it goes on forever because, duh, it’s a steamroller? That’s a bit what this feels like. 

Mr. “Not bothered by impending steamrollers”

Houston may have even more fun in several days if Hurricane Harvey moseys back out over the Gulf and gifts us with landfall #2. Or would that be #3? Either way, it’s a slow-motion train wreck.

No one has the slightest clue where this lunk of a hurricane is headed.

Also we’re dealing with illness in the house. Just to make it all the more fun. Please pray for health!

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