The first named storm in 9 years to make landfall in Texas is bearing down on us. Leisurely. The recently reformed Harvey (sounds like an ex-felon) is shuffling up the Gulf toward the coast, strengthening and organizing as it goes. The concern is flooding because of the low forward speed. At the moment our local area is forecast to get 8-10 inches of rain by Monday. Our house is not in a floodplain but once you add wind to overly saturated ground you get downed trees, and then downed power lines. We’re stocked up with groceries, we got water this evening, and a very nice man who owns an ice place was giving out bags of ice as long as it held out this afternoon. We have three 16 pound bags in the freezer. I will get all the laundry done tomorrow before evening and then I think we’ll be set. 

Here is a photo I took this evening at Walmart. This was the last of the water stock that they unboxed. 

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