Having extracted myself from Facebook, the time had come to reorganize my methods of communication. 

The first task was consolidating all of my contact information in one place. I have emails and phone numbers (and a few mailing addresses) on my phone, and the rest of the mailing addresses on an ancient Word document in one of the computers. This is not exactly secure. I knew I had a new physical address book somewhere into which I could transfer all of this important information, but I wasn’t sure where. Fortunately, in the process of gathering my stationary together I found it. It took a couple hours to write everything in, and I can see some gaps that need to be filled in, but it’s mostly finished. Now the grid can go down and I can still find an address. 

As I mentioned above, I gathered all of my stationary into one place, added a pen and the stamps. If I want to begin writing letters again I need to make it convenient. (This is what doesn’t work: find the stationary, find a pen that works, write the letter, sign into the computer to find the document containing the addresses, find a stamp, etc.) The biggest hurdle to establishing a new habit is not having something convenient and ready to use. Since my sewing table has started to merge into my desk, I set up the writing station there. 

All of this and not one letter written!  At least from here on out it should be simple and inviting.

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