Knitting Projects

I’m starting the Amira sweater from Arabian Knits today. My swatch was the correct gauge (and if my calculations are correct, the sweater and I will match sizes by the time it’s cool enough to wear it). It’s a beautiful pattern and it doesn’t look too difficult. I got into the rhythm during the swatching and I think it’s going to turn out well.

Until I get another set of size 5 circular needles my pink bamboo basket weave blanket is on a stitch holder. Therefore I have a secondary take-along project going. I like to have a portable project that can be done in the car, in waiting rooms, etc., that doesn’t require complicated counting or very exacting work.

I was looking through my Pinterest pins on knitting the other day, looking for something specific, and ran across several nifty things I had pinned and proceeded to forget about. That’s partly why we pin things, right? So I made some notes on notecards and pulled one out when I needed a new portable project.

These blanket squares are knit in a simple mitered square pattern (would you believe I’ve never made any?) with one corner in a contrasting color. I have two finished and I think you can see how each larger square of four small squares will look (the reddish yarn will form a + with the grey in the corners). These squares use Caron Simply Soft in grey heather and Red Heart Unforgettable in winery. I wanted to pick something with soft gradations for the + part. (I also have a blue-green-purple variegated yarn of the same type.) With rare exceptions I’m trying to use only stash yarn for projects.

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