Various Changes 

So, there has been a change of plans: we pulled out of the contract on the house. We unexpectedly discovered a very expensive issue that the sellers were unwilling to admit, but the bigger reason is to do with location. Which brings me to the parish.

During the course of last week we found that our lease with the Anglican church for the building we meet in will be ending in approximately six months. The property is being sold to another church. This means that we are in the process of hunting for a new home. It may take the form of property or a building we could convert into a church. It is our hope that our next move as a parish will be to our permanent home, not just a temporary one, but that is as God wills. Everyone is rising to the challenge and I’m sure the next several months will be exciting. Please keep our parish in your prayers!

As a family we are waiting for St. Cyril’s to have its home settled before we begin to hunt for our own home. We would hate to guess wrong and buy a house inconveniently far from the church.

In the meantime we have done some reconfiguring in the house as you could see from my last post about the new sewing room. This has been an opportunity to clean out and take stock of how we really use each room. It’s always good to see these unexpected circumstances as challenges and not problems.

*Miniature house made by Flopsy for me several years ago.

2 thoughts on “Various Changes 

  1. I think you were saved not only from getting a house with a huge hidden expense but from buying in a possible ‘wrong’ location RE: your church. God indeed will be with you all in this! God bless you all and your church!

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